A comment posted in above link summarizes the issue:

It is unfortunate that many people find themselves in a position to repay more debt than they earn income necessary to maintain concurrent payments. I too was ignorant of the repercussions associated with using financial aid and taking out student loans. Additionally, I had no clue where to start researching schools which offered the best program for my desired profession.

After working for one of the named for profit universities I became well educated of the do’s and do not’s of financial aid. This information is readily available to all students online. After assisting many other students decide on a program and curriculum to fit their needs I saw the importance of researching a school as a consumer.

It seems the responsibility falls on the government and the consumer. Financial aid funds are given and the government enables students to abuse the privilege of education as a means to gain income.

Responsible borrowing is not being practiced. It seems a futile battle to pursue judgement against for profit universities, wasting money investigating their bottom dollar rather than educating the consumer. How many of us who need financial aid understand how to use it?

It is the student’s responsibility to seek an education which will appropriately prepare them for their future career. Education is an investment and given the state of the economy many investments do not have a good payout. Some majors will ensure a job after college and some will not.

Ultimately it boils down to the individual. Buyer beware. Supply and Demand. Demand a better education for your dollar and research which schools will provide what you need.